When is a welcome not welcome?

When it’s the main title of your website home page!

Starting your website page with a nice warm welcome may seem a great way to welcome visitors to your website but by doing it you’re missing out on one of the key SEO factors that gets your website noticed by Google.

The main page title should be in a H1 HTML tag and should describe what your page is about, it should be a keyword phrase for what you wish your website to be found for in searches.

So by saying “Welcome To Our Website”, you’ve told Google that your website is dedicated to welcoming people to websites.

This screen shot is from one of our clients Groundex who are a construction company in Nottingham

So the words ‘construction’, ‘company’ and ‘Nottingham’ are worked into the header <h1> and sub-header <h2>.

So if you do a search in Google for “groundwork contractors nottingham”, they rank very highly.

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